Customer / Statistics


Mindweb eSolutions conducted an online survey from its 88 enrollees as their respondents with the goal in mind to determine how the Online Enrollment System affect their enrollment process in terms of satisfaction, user-friendliness, the responsiveness of the 24/7 support, and the duration of the overall online enrollment procedure.

Our analysis of the survey data identifies key points about how the online enrollment system will simplify and fasten the traditional face-to-face enrollment system. Also, this survey results will highlight the feedbacks of our respondents and use it accordingly to improve the OES module.

88 students who enrolled using the MISP Online Enrollment System were asked about their satisfaction with their overall experience in navigating and using the OES. The average satisfaction rate was 3.9 out of 5, suggesting that most of the users are satisfied. Again, the 88 students were asked about the user-friendliness of the OES and the average user-friendliness rate was 3.8 out of 5, suggesting that most of the users found the software interface and process easy and appealing. 70 out of the 88 enrollees were asked about the help they received when reaching Mindweb’s 24/7 Help Desk support team and it resulted in a 4.2 out of 5 satisfaction rate. Again, suggesting that the majority of the users are satisfied with the 24/7 support service provided. One of the highlights of the survey was that 64% of the overall respondents would like to use Mindweb’s online enrollment system given that the majority of the respondents experienced an enrollment duration of less than an hour. Out of the 88 respondents, 33% experienced a duration of less than 30 minutes. 32% experienced a duration of more than 30 minutes but less than 45 minutes. 16% experienced a duration of more than 45 minutes but less than 1 hour and 19% experienced a duration of more than an hour.

With these survey results, it clearly presented that the MISP Online Enrollment System has an enormous advantage compared to the traditional face-to-face enrollment. These survey results also serve as proof of the system’s effectiveness in providing the user the satisfaction they deserved when using the OES application.