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What are the features of MISP?

Online Enrollment

MISP offers a fast and easy online enrollment system that cater enrollments for:


Returning Students
Continuing Students                       

Online Payment System

MISP provides an online payment channel where students, parents, or guardians can pay their enrollment fees, tuition fees, and other related fees through:


Cash Paid on Campus                       

Accounting System

MISP offers a comprehensive accounting system that facilitates an automated presentation of important accounting data. Its features are the following:

• One-glance summary dashboard for important accounting data
• Enrollment fee payments verification
• Tuition fee payments verification


 Creation of fee structures such as:

Miscellaneous fees 
Scholarships & Discounts 
Payment Schedules 
Subject fees 
Subject Fees                                  


Creation of student’s statement of account
Assessment of fees

Student Portal

 MISP offers a complete student portal that allow students to view the following:


Enrollment Status
Program Information & requirements
Viewing Grades
Curriculum Info
School Announcements or Notices
Academic Calendar

Parent/Guardian Access

MISP offer student’s parents or guardians an access to monitoring their child’s:


Statement of Account
Assessment of Fees
School Announcements or Notices
Academic Calendar

Selling Point: Why choose MISP?

MISP is a cloud-based web application that offers a complete solution in the management of your school. It utilizes one of the world’s top cloud providers – Microsoft Azure, thus ensuring the utmost security of your school’s data and accessibility even during times of surge of application users. It has the best-of-class features such as the automated TOR generation, online payment channels, student payment tracker, and parent’s access which other school portals are lacking. MISP has 24/7 live support that will help you in anything that you need with regards to the app, any time of the day. MISP can be modified to fit the needs of your school. It offers a system that will be constantly updated to conform and be at peace with the advancements of web application technology. It is also offering a system that evolves from time to time, which means that it will be releasing new features that are specifically designed based on the needs of your school without any extra cost.