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Mindweb Integrated School Portal

With the use of Mindweb Integrated School Portal, we guarantee greater efficiency when it comes to school administration and this cutting-edge technology will help you in addressing common challenges encountered using traditional systems. This is a comprehensive all-in-one application that will streamline your current processes and offer you significant room to better the way how you manage your schools.

Why Mindweb Integrated School Portal

Your One-Stop Portal

Mindweb Integrated School Portal’s mission is to engage schools, parents, guardians, and students to communicate more effectively. We have helped reduce the administrative workload by developing a high-quality software application displaying all the relevant information in one single view.


Saving time for busy parents. One dashboard for instant and easy access to child-specific information, such as timetables, fixtures, bookings, reports, and lots more.


An engaging and time-saving solution for schools. MISP integrates seamlessly with existing systems to aggregate data for Staff, Parents & Students.


Personalized for each Student. Never miss an update! My School Portal provides information that will help Students keep updated with everything related to school life!

Intuitive and easy to use

Personalized features for your school

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, we supply our schools with an “all you can eat” package. The ability for schools to enable new features as and when the school needs and at no additional cost is a powerful proposition that many software companies are not able to offer. At the click of a button, schools have the ability to enable features such as parents’ access, custom forms, or an online payment facility plus many more.

With a pedigree of creating user-friendly platforms, our team always aim to create dynamic features that are easy to use, your staff shouldn’t have to be expected to have a degree in software engineering to use the tools so that’s why we focus so much on developing an application that is intuitive.

Unlike many school software systems, you will not need to keep asking your finance colleagues for the additional budget when you look to enable a new feature.


Student Users


Concerns Resolved


What our schools say about us

It was everything we wanted, you responded quickly to our needs including our wants. You gave personalized service and never failed to address concerns promptly even during the wee hours of the day. One satisfied customer here.”

– Resty Picardo, University of the Visayas Registrar.”

“As part of our school’s admission department, mindweb’s MISP is indeed a great tool, easy to navigate, friendly user interface, simplified tabs for easy access on enrolment confirmation, and enrolment statistics, I hope there will be more development on this program in the near future. Kudos to the developers.”

– Eldon Rey M. Pantino
UV-Mandaue College Faculty

”My experience with Mindweb’s 24/7 help desk is more than satisfactory. The responses were consistently quick and friendly from day to dawn, from sunrise to the next sunrise. It was very essential for us since our commitment for our students is at 100% in terms of customer service and feedback. They valued each of our stakeholders the way we valued them. Their 24/7 helpdesk is a very commendable value-added service for their clients. Good Job!”

– Neil Roy Impas
UV Marketing Head


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The Mindweb 24/7 helpdesk is a source of technical support for the Learning Management System, school portal systems, office 365, and university websites developed and maintained by Mindweb eSolutions. Our team is dedicated to giving direct support to our software users.

About the MISP Developer

Mindweb eSolutions is a consulting-oriented company, intending to fill in the market need for a professional, customer-focused computer company.
The company emphasizes service and support to differentiate itself from more price-oriented computer companies.